Monday, January 11, 2010

Musical Monday: Dead Can Dance

The Host of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance. I watched "The Mist" a few days ago and this is part of the soundtrack - seems an odd choice for a horror movie, but it matched incredibly well.
I've been a Dead Can Dance fan for years now and I just don't get tired of their music. They are (or were, they disbanded in 1998) very varied in their style, so I can find something by them to match almost any mood.
By the way, if you're wondering what language she sings in: none.

Here's another favourite of mine, Dead Can Dance's interpretation of Saltarello

What's moveing you on Musical Monday?


  1. i love dead can dance!!! great choice! thanks for posting!

  2. I liked them both but the second reminded me of the Renaissance Faire. Thanks for sharing these have a great MM!

  3. I have never heard them before but enjoyed this very much. Well done. Happy MM :)

  4. Had never heard DCD before...they seem multi-faceted, which is kewl.

    I just finished my first Terry Pratchett book Carpe Jugulum. Will certainly be reading more...

  5. Oh how I love Dead Can dance!haven't heard them in a while.thanks for posting these!

  6. I just love Dead Can Dance. Great choices!
    Hey, I can leave posts if I use Safari, but not Firefox... go figure.