Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Earphone Guy

I work parttime in a public library and like all libraries, we have our share of slightly weird people. There's this guy who dresses ... um, unusually (pink hooded sweater and big earphones), who comes a few times a week and most times stays for several hours.

After some time he always ends up in front of the counter, stares at whoever works there and then uses even the slightest eye contact as reason for short proclamations like "You really should drink multivitamin juice" or "Don't eat dead meat". I always have to bite my tongue not to say "Yeah, well, I prefer to eat my meat alive anyway".

Last week he watched a co-worker for a while and then said, totally apropos of nothing "Could you dye your hair blue?" My colleague answered with a slightly shocked "NO!", but he wasn't discouraged and asked her to change her name to Redcheeks. He left after the usual dead meat warning, leaving us to share a WTF?-moment.


  1. I'd SO screw with him. "Could you dye your hair blue?" "Only if you dye yours purple with green stripes." See if he does it. Throw out the 'living meat' crack. Humor the poor guy. LOL

  2. Ha, ha. Your post reminded me of another library blog I read which you might enjoy Miss Information. She has a snarky sense of humor about library work.