Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Libraries, part whatever

During the last year, I sorted through the Monday and Tuesday libraries and now I'm done. It's more than a bit depressing, both libraries contain mostly books that are 30 years or so old and of course no-one reads those anymore. I threw out much, especially school books, but if I had thrown out every outdated book, there would have been nothing left.
In the Tuesday library, the head of school agreed with me that such a library is useless and that we should build up a whole new one. I asked the teachers from the different departments to come by and take a look at the books so that we could decide together what was needed, but so far only the Latin department has done so. So I'm going to do it by myself, using the curriculum as a guide, starting next week I hope.
For the Monday library, I have an appointment with the head of school next week and I hope that we can come to a similar solution.

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  1. When I worked at a public library, I used to enjoy pulling the old books too. In America we call it "weeding the collection". I remember some areas were pretty sparse afterwards! Then we would shift the books on the shelves to make it look better.