Sunday, February 28, 2010

Musical Monday: Mahler

Gustav Mahler's Piano quartet in A minor. It's not completed and the only piece of chamber music Mahler wrote that survived.
This piece is stuck in my head since I saw Shutter Island yesterday. The movie has an exceptional soundtrack and the Piano quartet has a sort of key role in the movie. They also used music by John Cage and other experimental artists to create an eerie atmosphere and man, it worked. So many movies have soundtracks that are just music in the background or that sound like that other soundtrack from a movie a while back, but this one is unique and an important part of the movie.

What's moving you on Musical Monday?


  1. I love finding piano pieces on MM. Thanks for posting this and suggesting youtubeproxy. Happy Monday!

  2. good classical pick. haven't seen the movie but I imagine this piece fits in well...

    Happy mm!


  3. A lot of thought goes into the music behind a movie. I don't think people give musical scores the proper attention they deserve. The music truly makes the scene and helps deliver the emotion of the actors.

    Just curious...What did you think of Shutter Island?

    Thanks for sharing. :-)