Sunday, February 14, 2010

Musical Monday: RoterSand

RoterSand are a German EBM band and this is my favourite song - I'm a big Doctor Who fan and the Daleks are just awesome and really creepy (especially considering how absurd they look).
RoterSand played live in Hamburg yesterday and we had a blast. Exterminate Annihilate Destroy is always a lot of fun live, with the whole audience chanting the chorus.


  1. Doctor Who is pretty darn cool. Great pick!

  2. Well I must say this is a first for me to hear them. Music was different and the video was great. I must say though I enjoyed it. Happy MM to you my friend :)

  3. good stuff.
    roger the Pratchett Morris Dancing thing.
    you might find this interesting -
    Check out Wolf's Head and Vixen Morris -
    they have a MySpace page that's up to date, they are a black Morris.
    Happy MM!

  4. I love Rotersand! And the video is perfect for that song, definitely.

    Now I must open my Rotersand collection and have a dance party with myself.. You're quite welcome to join. LOL