Sunday, March 21, 2010

Musical Monday: Helium Vola

I wished for a real winter. I got it. I enjoyed all that snow. Now I'm really glad it's over and spring is here - I'm definitely not going to move anywhere with a winter longer than three months.
In lichter Farbe steht der Wald by Helium Vola is about spring/May and enjoying the life that has returned to nature. It's from the Carmina Burana a collection of texts and poems form the 11th-13th century. Here's the first part of the lyrics:

In liehter varwe stat der walt,
der vogele schal nu donet,
div wunne ist worden manichvalt;
des meien tugende chronet
senide liebe; wer were alt,
da sih div çit so schonet?
her meie, iv ist der bris geçalt!
der winder si gehonet!

If you speak German, but still don't understand a thing, don't worry. It's Middle High German and difficutl to understand even for Germans. It translates to something like this (a bit clumsy, sorry):
The forest stands in bright colours
The birds are singing loudly
So many delights
May's virtues are crowned by a longing for love
Who would be old now that the season has grown so beautiful?
Lord May, you shall have the glory!
Winter shall be scorned

What's moving you on Musical Monday?


  1. nice choice. Have a fabulous week!

  2. Welcome Spring! I understand why you picked this! My husband speaks German and would not understand this at all, it is a lovely old dialect.

  3. very cool, thanks for sharing!!!

  4. beautiful - you don't have to understand the words to hear the beauty in the song.