Sunday, April 25, 2010

Musical Monday: 50 Way to Leave Your Lover

Click here if the video doesn't work. Again.
My last relationship was something of a catastrophe for the last two years at least and if you ask me know, I have no idea why we both held on as long as we did. When we finally broke up, I was still heartbroken, but relieved at the same time. Then I came across this song and I laughed and laughed. It did a lot to make me take things more lightly.
And while you're at it, by all means look at the Muppet version


  1. I love Paul Simon. Good choice. :) The Muppet version is great too.

  2. This is a great break up song. have not heard it in years, thanks for choosing it!

  3. Excellent choice! My youngest daughter, who is 26, is a stone cold Simon and Garfinkle fan!

  4. classic song - loved the muppets too

  5. Love this song! Big Paul Simon fan...

    Thanks for a good ride down memory lane.
    Have a great week


  6. gosh, i can relate to holding on TOO LONG! why do we do this?? ah well, live and learn, right?