Sunday, April 11, 2010

Musical Monday: Firefly

Direct link in case embedding doesn't work - I'm having Youtube troubles at the moment.
Firefly is not only one of the best SciFi series ever, it also has the most awesome theme song. It's everything the theme song for Enterprise wants to be when it grows up.
The song has certainly been stuck in my head for days now. But the lyrics aren't that hard to learn and I always feel that it's less annoying when you can actually sing along to your earworms.

What's moving you on Musical Monday?


  1. I enjoyed reading your Sunday Stealing comments, however, I read further down about your mice. It was very cool to hear about their personalities as well as see the picture of their home.

  2. I'm also having YouTube problems.Nice not to be th only one.
    I like the song, the beat is still running through my head. Good ob!

  3. It didn't play from your post so I just double-clicked it and watched the video on youtube. I liked it. Thanks and happy MM!

  4. dont think i'd mind too much having this stuck in my head - at least for a little while lol. good song!

  5. never watched that before....good theme