Friday, June 18, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Top Five Dream Destinations

1. Great Britain and London in particular
My parents gave me a trip to London when I was 17 and a year later I visited again with my English class. That was the beginning of a love affair between me and everything British. I've been to London now ten times at least and I loved every minute of it, it's a great city and my second favourite place anywhere. I'd love to spend a few weeks there, with one week at least just for the British Museum.

2. Yellowstone
I've been once, for four days, and I fell in love. It's an amazing place with really breathtaking nature and so much wildlife. I also love places with volcanic activity and Yellowstone has lots of that.

3. Madagascar
I better make that dream come true quick or there will be nothing left or the gorgeous nature in Madagascar - the speed of the desctruction is frightening. But in the parts of the rainforest still left intact, you can see animals that are found nowhere else. The Aye-aye for example or the Fossa, not to mention a huge number of invertebrates and birds - Madagascar is home to 5% of all known species of plants and animals wordwide!

4. BiaƂowieski Park Narodowy
It's a national park in Poland and the last primal forest in Europe. The wisent or European bison is still at home there, the last place to see it in the wild.

5. Australia
I want to see it all, from the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru to the Outback. I love reptiles and marsupials - koalas in particular. I always had a koala, never a teddy bear. So one day I would love to see them in the wild. Oh, and wombats.

You may have gathered that I'm a nature lover ;)
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  1. I definitely want to go to Australia. It is a longtime dream of mine and probably would have hit my list at #6. Although given the day, it probably jumps into the top 5. I didn't know that about Madagascar, either. How interesting. So sad to hear of its decline. :(