Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I need to vent

So I have a few foster mice at the moment looking for a new home. I get a mail by someone who is interested. Great, I say, I'd like to bring you the mice to see how they will live, if it's okay I'd like you to pay a part of the neutering cost and can you send me a picture of the cage?
Next mail by her says: I live *insert adress* and will you come tomorrow at 11 a.m. to bring the mice? No cage photo.
11 a.m.? I do have a job, you know. But who cares, so I suggest a new date and asked for a description of the cage and ask again if it's okay if we share the cost for neutering (she agreed to that in passing, I overread that).
Next mail I get says that she doubts I'm serious about the whole thing because I want to see pictures of the cage even though I will bring her the mice. And that the whole thing with finding new homes for mice is just a ruse to get people's adresses. Oh, and she already had a new offer, so if I didn├Ąt reply her by tomorrow at the latest, she would take those mice instead,

What the fuck? I had to re-read that twice, I couldn't believe it. Hello, I won't drive the mice all over the city just to find out that the person has a ridiculously small cage or something. And posting a picture of the cage can't be that much work.
Needless to say that I have no plans of giving her the mice.

If you want to meet really weird people, go volunteer at an animal rescue. On the other hand, you meet a lot of wonderful people and you get to do some good, so seriously, go voluneer at an animal rescue.

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