Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dice Superstitions

If you know someone who's into pen and paper role-playing and you want to see them freak out, touch their dice. It's guaranteed to work in at least 95% of all cases. You may get punched or have the friendship cancelled, though. Gamers can be a little special about their dice.

I have a set of d10 (ten-sided dice) that I never let anyone borrow or even touch. Those were the first dice I ever bought and they have rolled awesome results over the last decade. Most gamers I know have dice no-one is allowed to touch, but because dice accumulate over the years, most of us also have dice that we will let people borrow. Some gamers pride themselves of their ability to ruin any die that they touch.
Rule number 1: Never let anyone touch your dice.

I used to have a d20 that rolled only abysmal results for me, I gave it to a friend and he loves it.
Rule number 2: Some dice are out to kill you

Mr. Book Scorpion had a set of dice that he threatened to throw into the North Sea. They started to behave much better for the rest of the vacation there (it didn't last and he threw them out of the window).
Rule number 3: Dice have at least some intelligence and awareness.

A good friend had dice that almost never rolled anything usable and often got him into trouble, we used to make fun of him because of that - the dice really were reliably bad. I chose a set of new dice for him and they work a lot better. Same story with Mr. Book Scorpion's dice he got after throwing them out of the window, a female friend chose them and they work great.
Rule number 4: Dice should be chosen by a woman. It is unknown if dice for a female player should be chosen by a male.

The friend with the bad dice still has the old dice. He keeps the two sets apart and when he brings them both, they are carried in different pockets and must never be on the table at the same time.
Rule number 5: Bad dice are contagious. The virus may be airborne.

People have different dice for different desired results. If the gamemaster ask them to role a die, in 99% of all cases, the player will ask "High or low?" and choose a die according to the answer. Some people even have a special die in case the answer is "Just ROLL the goddamn die!"
Rule number 6: Dice specialize. Know your dice

Some point are controversial. Some people like to roll their dice a few times to get them warmed up. Others never do that so that they don't use up all the good results.
Some people put their dice with the highest number up (when playing a system that requires high numbers to succeed), some do it the other way around. The people who put the highest number on top do have a (vaguely) scientific explanation: due to gravity, the atoms in the die are pulled down, thus making it heavier at the bottom and it's more likely that the highest number is rolled.
The Rule of all Rules: If it sounds good, people will start to adopt it as their own. Have fun.

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