Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lock down

On Monday, we had a storybook theatre for small kids at the library. Afterwards, a boy was still waiting for his mum who had gone out in the meantime to do some shopping and we ended up looking at a picture book about the human body together.

When we come to a picture of an egg cell surrounded by sperm cells, I explain that both together make a baby. The boy thinks about this for a minute and asks why there will be only one baby if there are so many sperm cells. I say that only one can get in and that it locks the door behind itself. He thinks again and says: but what if the others try over there, at another door? I say that the sperm cell inside will look all the doors really quickly and that the egg cell doesn't let anyone else in. That convinces him, but I wish that I had found a better way to explain.

When I tell Mr Bookscorpion about it, he says: Why didn't you tell him that the sperm cell uses the central locking system?

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