Monday, October 3, 2011

The Sandbaggers

I came across The Sandbaggers via a list of people who vanished in airplanes, of all things. The casual reference was enough to intrigue me and I wasn't disappointed - the series is brilliant.

If you prefer your spies to be Bond-ish, then this may not be for you. If you like John le Carré and possibly Somerset Maugham's Ashenden stories, then by all means check it out. There is very little action in the sense of guns and explosions, but it's thrilling nonetheless. You will need to pay close attention, the characters move in a complex net of favours, bureaucracy and unspoken rules and a lot of things are only hinted at. A crash course in all the abbreviations used isn't a bad idea either.

Roy Marsden is excellent as spymaster Neil Burnside. Who is not all that likeable, but definitely fascinating and a lot more fun to watch than any of the no flaws-characters so liked by script writers today.

Oh, and don't get too attached to characters. I'm just saying.

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