Monday, November 21, 2011

Wargaming with Gandhi

I showed Mr Bookscorpion the video here of Peter Cushing wargaming - and wouldn't it be awesome if we had a video of him playing a game with Christopher Lee?. I also mentioned that I came across an interview with Vin Diesel where he spoke about playing D&D with Karl Urban and Judi Dench, who I didn't think could get any more brilliant, but it seems everything's better with RPGs. And possibly Ninjas.

Aaanyway, we threw around the question who we'd want to invite to gaming night if we could. I'd totally go for Cthulhu Gaslight with Mark Gatiss and for whatever Neil Gaiman would be willing to run. I've seen Neil Gaiman a few times at readings and, aside from being an awesome writer, he also can turn just about anything into a story people get drawn into. If that doesn't qualify someone to be a great GM, then I don't know what does.
Richard Feynman would probably have presented a challenge for GMs because I'm sure he would have come up with creative and outrageous ways to solve problems.
I'm not sure I would actually want to play a game with him, but it would be interesting to see what kind of system and character Siegmund Freud would choose.
I'm not a wargamer, but I can't help but wonder about wargaming with Gandhi. Do the rules handle civil disobedience and passive resistance?

Who would you pick for a game?

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