Monday, May 28, 2012

Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Fleurs du Mal

Life at the Rat's Nest continues and did we really think it would calm down? Silly little us.
Part 1 and Part 2.

Frankly, I have no real idea what is happening here. We're having fun telling AR and reality apart. Or not, there were a few fails. Actually, one of those is responsible for the whole thing: Splash wanted to keep EVO from growing in front of her security camera (which cannot see AR of course) and planted a few seeds she thought she has sterilized there. Those seeds produced the black flowers and vines we're having trouble with.

The little boy is this little boy or at least looks like him. Splash has no idea, she doesn't know the first thing about the uprising at the Warsaw Ghetto. She has seen that boy before, though, during the raid on the Nest when the mage pretended to pick the Awakened people out of the crowd (the players did comment on this being rather similar to a Selektion at the time).

Neil's pretty pissed at Liz at the moment. Private things aside, her Doctor Feelgood mode is something he cannot tolerate. He knows fully well how dangerous even so-called harmless drugs are, he had been addicted to stimulants for years until his life came crashing down. Simply handing out drugs without checking patient files or asking a few questions is not something he does and he doesn't want anyone he works with to do it.

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