Friday, July 27, 2012

Electric City

After a worldwide catastrophe that destroyed civilisation as we know it, people live in a small community, Electric City, in moderate comfort. They have electricity, nice homes and safety. They also have a group of old ladys who rule over the city from behind the scenes and plan assassinations and crackdowns on any opposition, all while knitting scarves and jumpers.

You can watch all (for now) twenty episodes of Electric City online for free and I can only recommend it. I read about it at The DM's Screen, checked it out and only didn't watch it all in one go because it was already 1am.

They do a very good job of keeping things interesting. The episodes are only five minutes long and each one adds a piece to the story. I like that every episode has a satisfying end for its ministory, but it still leaves you curious for what happens next.

The setting is well thought out and coherent. Electricity is what keep the city alive, but it's not taken for granted. There's little metal, much of it was probably salvaged, and people make do with wood and other materials. The feel of the setting is somewhere between Wild West, noir and steampunk. I'm a sucker for dystopian fiction and this is a great one with a lot of potential. It could work as a setting for a RPG as well.

Also, the music is brilliant. I hope it will be made available, for now I couldn't find it.

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