Monday, October 21, 2013

Endland: Glowing Lights

Here's the recap of the last session ... that we played about two months ago. Sorry about that.

The glowing lights are inspired by cave Glowworms, a gnat species that produces sticky silken strings with glowing beads as larvae to attract and catch prey. The strings are very strong and can catch quite big insects. It's probably for the best the grub exploded on impact, they would have been quite nasty to fight.

Endland will continue in November or December, I hope. We have found a third player. Having played with both two and three players, I have to admit that it's more fun with three. Not because my players are not excellent - I loved every moment of their roleplaying. But the dynamics between three or four characters are much stronger, in positive and negative ways. Much harder to get everyone to agree, for example. And it's always nice to have some more diversity in a group.

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