Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7th Sea: Caesura

I wrote about the problems our weekly 7th Sea group was having a while ago. So, the first session we had this year was going to be devoted to talking it out. But the GM was a no-show due to the believe that we weren't playing and due to not reading the weekly mails we write to avoid that problem.

That pretty much sealed the deal. We are going to start playing Deadlands again and I'm very much looking forward to that, it's a system I love. The 7th Sea campaign will move to a play by post game because we all still have stuff we want to do with out characters and it would be a shame to just abandon them.

I've been thinking about GMing another play by post-game anyway and I didn't need any convincing. I need to make a small cut because there is no way I wil be able to take over smoothly where we are now, not with all the NPCs and intrigue going on. We'll play out the next big scene and then I'm going to see to it that the group finally arrives in Charouse, at the court of L'Empereur, where I can bring my own NPCs into play. Which I need to write first. And I need to read up on rules. And background, of the PCs and the setting. I'm already having my customary pre-campaign-panic.

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