Friday, September 5, 2014

Castle Blackbird

We're still covering for our absent GM at our fortnightly (is that a word?) Deadlands round and we're playing Castel Blackbird. It's a Lady Blackbird hack. Lady Blackbird is very rules-light game with pregenerated characters in a steampunk setting. It's great for running at a con or if you have only one session to play. It's free to download and there are a ton of hacks for it, here are some

Castle Blackbird gives you six characters and a gaslight setting, with a lot of rumours about eldritch monsters and conspiracy theories. The rules are a bit more expansive, with another type of dice added for example. I decided to take the setting and go with the normal Lady Blackbird rules, with some minor changes.

There are four players, who all have some experience with freeform games that require both players and GM to improvise. I GM and I found it mentally exhausting because apart from some big picture story ideas, I couldn't really prepare. You get a starting scene, with the characters having to escape from the soldiers surrounding them and after that, the players decide on the direction things are going to take. So far, they have escaped through the sewers, found their way into the hospital/asylum and out again and are now trying to reach a pub they know of where they hope to find a boat to escape the town via the river for good. We'll finish (I hope) next week, we only had three hours to play last time.

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