Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another day in a librarian's life

I was late this morning - I have to change trains three times and I missed the second one. So I arrived just in time for the first recess, but it wasn't that crowded.
After recess, I got to sit on the jury for the reading competition. Four sixth graders took part to decide who will represent the school in the next round and they first read texts of their own choosing. Two had picked Inkheart (a wonderful book for reading aloud), the others Children of the Lamp and Nocturna (a German book). It was a hard decision and there had to be a read-off with a German book called Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten. The winner did an awesome job of reading that unknown text and made it hilarious, with different voices and spot-on accentuation.
Since the audience enjoyed the book so much, I'm going to buy it so that we can offer it next week.

Time for the next recess, with a loud group of older students reading to each other from a sex-education book. We have a few of those and while they are never on loan, we always find them somewhere else after each recess.

Friday the school will have a Christmas bazaar and we'll sell old book discared from the library as well as donations we got from parents that we didn't use for the library. I packed all those books into boxes and added a few more, like the cook books. They never got loaned and since the school doesn't have a kitchen for the students, I don't think they will be missed. But they are in perfect shape and I hope they'll fetch a good price.

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