Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book Scorpion?

Why Book Scorpion? Because I'm a librarian, I love reading and I love critters other people go eewww at (well, and critters people go aaaww at, too).
There really are book scorpions, but they are not true scorpions. They are arachnids and belong to the order of the Pseudoscorpions. Their scientific name is Chelifer cancroides and they live in books, hunting for book lice and other insects. If you should find one, don't worry, they are harmless and useful. Pseudoscorpions have no stinger and their pinchers are way too small to hurt you. The photo (click for a full view) is about four times the actual size, it's Kira, a female book scorpion I used to own:

You'll find stuff about books, libraries and my pets in the Book Scorpion's lair, along with some non-photo memes. I work in school libraries and a public library and in my free time I volunteer for a rodent rescue organisation, fostering fancy mice, exotic mice and other rodents until they can go to a new home.

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