Sunday, December 13, 2009

Listen to Saturn

Did you know that planets make sounds? These sounds are generated by particles from the solar wind hitting the atmosphere of a planet, generating radiowaves.
Listen to Earth and Jupiter and my favourite Saturn.
Here's another cool audio - it was recorded by the Cassini spacecraft when it crossed Saturn's bowshock, a disturbance in the solar wind generated by the planet's magnetic field.

The aurora (Northern or Southern light) also makes sounds like this or this

You can listen to more sounds from space here and here are some more aurora sounds. Those must be downloaded and unzipped (and may make a good musical background for your next Halloween party...).

I wonder if meteor showers make sounds. Tonight the Geminids will reach their maximum and I hope that the sky will clear up around here. They are spectacular, up to 150 meteors per hour, and take a fairly long time to reach their maximum, so you have several days to watch for them. If you're outside tonight, take a look!

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