Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Musical Monday: Helium Vola

I'm a bit late, but I just remembered about this meme. Heluim Vola are one of my favourite bands, combining electronic music with traditional lyrics and melodies. Their songs are in Middle High German, Latin, medieval English, French or Italian (as in this case). Dormi is Italian and means sleep - as in sleep now, child - it's a kind of lullaby.
I've seen Helium Vola perform once and it was amazing. The singers usually specialize in early music and Ernst Horn, the guy behind the whole project, is a trained pianist, drummer and conductor. He does things with a piano you wouldn't believe. His other band, Deine Lakaien, usually make very electronic music, but they can just as well perform with just a piano:

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  1. just remembered about this meme??? what?? ;)

    kiddin'! glad you played and hope to see you again next week!

    these songs were great!!!