Monday, December 14, 2009

Musical Monday: Skyclad

Sorry about the bad quality, but I absolutely wanted this particular song and there are no other videos of the studio version with this singer around. It's the first Skyclad song I ever heard and I loved it from the start. I like the metal-folk mix and the lyrics - lots of wordplays and tons of sarcasm.
I stopped listening to their new CDs after they changed the singer, but I still love seeing them live, they are a lot of fun - even though in Hamburg only 50 people or so come to their concerts, no idea why.

I'll leave you with a much better quality video of Vintage Whine, another favourite of mine:

What moves you on Musical Monday?


  1. they have a totally unique sound! very cool! thanks for sharing!!

  2. that was fun. Hadn't thought of metal-folk before. Thanks for introducing me to something new