Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Responsibility. Or maybe not.

I was just reminded of a conversation I had a few days ago by this post by Miss Information (thanks to Speak Up Librarian for sending me there).
This guy gives back a number of books and since they are overdue more than two weeks, we have already send out a reminder, which adds a few Euros to the fee. Guy is angry that he has to pay and demands that the library sends him a text message the day the books are overdue. Of course. Anything else?
Grow up, please. You get a print-out with the date for every single book, you can access your library account online and we even answer the phone and are happy to tell you which book are due when. We don't check your account and go "muahaha, the books are overdue, let's see when he catches on". Really, we don't.

And then there was the guy who had forgotten his library card. That happens and we accept identification cards as a substitute, unless people make a habit of it. But he didn't have his identification card on him, neither (which as a rule people do in Germany, in case it's unusual where you come from). So he tried to get me to accept his police ID card (he was a police officer), saying that it had his picture and everything. To which I did not reply: "And next time I get stopped by the police, I'm sure they will accept my subway ticket for ID because it has my picture." But I had to bite my tongue.

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  1. Glad you like Miss Information. Sounds like you have a similar sense of humor. That would have been a good comeback to the police officer!