Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Star Trek: The Royale and The Defector

I'm sick and I have way too much time on my hands...

So, The Royale
Fermat's Last Theorem. Nice example of how quickly SciFi gets outdated by reality. It was proven only six years after the episode aired. But it's still a nice scene.

And speaking of nice scenes, the whole sequence with Data in full crap shooting-mode is hilarious. As is the scene with Worf on the telephone with room service. "NO!" And Troi's look of catatonia when she and Picard are listening to the audio version of the book

The Defector
Aah, Romulans. They are always good for a great story. Especially when they are played by such an actor as Andreas Katsulas. In the scene where Picards asks him "Do you expect me to accept such an offer?", I really waited for "No, Captain Picard, I expect you to die!" Oh, well.
James Sloyan as Alidar Jarok creates another memorable character, it's so nice when enemies are actually believable.
I enjoy the Henry V references and of course the scene at the beginning. Is it just me or does the music remind anyone else of Patrick Doyle's awesome score for Branagh's Henry V?
This for example:

And just because it's so awesome and because it makes me bawl every single time I watch that movie:

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