Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Star Trek: Where Silence has Lease

Where Silcence has Lease is one of my favourite STNG episodes. The whole atmosphere is creepy and Nagilum really freaked me out when I was a kid. He still does a bit.
The music is very cool, especially during the scenes when the crew is not yet quite sure what they have encountered. The scene with the beacon is very eerie (which may be because it reminds me of submarine movies and the waiting while the enemy is trying to find the submarine with sonar).
A redshirt scene - yay. At least he has some lines, but come on, as soon as he sit there in his red shirt, we know he's toast.
At the beginning of the episode, Worf and Riker work out in a Tekken goes Predator scenario. Firstly, they do this in their uniforms. Ew. I hope they have time to change. Secondly, the guy in the yellow skull always makes me LOL. I mean, he looks like Skeletor for heaven's sake.

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