Monday, September 27, 2010

STNG: Booby Trap

I'm rewatching Star Trek The Next Generation, in no apparent order other than "hey, I want to see that episode right now". I'm not going to do any episode recaps or full reviews because a ton of other people have done that. For example Wil Wheaton and it doesn't get any more hilarious than his Memories of the Future reviews.
So, just some things that I particularly enjoyed or found amusing or whatever - this time in episode 3x06 Booby trap

If your date sucked and even the android comments Uh-oh on you being back early, the you know you're in trouble. Hint: falling in love with a simulation is not the solution. I really wonder why that doesn't happen much more often, though.

Picard's frustration that no-one seems to built ships in bottles anymore. O'Brien comes to the rescue and tells him that he did - which earns him a "no-one likes an ass kisser"-look from Riker once the Captain has beamed over to the other ship. Which he is so enthusiastic over that it's cute. Troi agrees with me here (she just phrases it more carefully with "pleasant surprise").

The music is really cool, especially in the scene when they discover that the Enterprise is marooned. Not so cool during the scene where Leah Brahms appears, but I guess I have to live with a few sappy string nstruments there.

And as a total non-sequitur, just because I came across it when looking up why it's called a booby trap:

Right-click and choose "Watch on YouTube" if it doesn't work.

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