Friday, November 12, 2010

Killer Clam

I'm watching the old Doctor Who episodes at the moment, Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor to be exact. The first five minutes of the first episode I was thinking "gosh, it looks like it's 50 years old..." but then the story had me and it hasn't let go yet.
And speaking of not letting go: the killer clam in Genesis of the Daleks made me laugh out loud. I mean, who goes ahead and suggests that in a cave filled with unspeakable monsters, our heroes encounter ... a killer clam? It's so adorable, I can't think of a more inoffensive monster. Watch
I love how it waddles back into the shadow to wait for the next humanoid to stumble into it. Probably with a shellache after being wacked with that huge rock. Poor thing.

And because they are amazing creatures, take a look at this video of a real giant clam. And yes, they really are that big, but totally harmless. They don't snap shut and many big ones can't even close their shell completely.

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