Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet the library

I just did a library introduction for some of the 11th graders in my Tuesday school. When I began working here, the library was a mess of books that had been bought decades ago or had apparently just wandered in and decided to stay. There were very few books more recent than let's say 1980. I threw out a ton of books and managed to acquire a decent budget for the library. Over the course of the year I bought a lot of study guides and other books the students will find useful (I hope) during the sixth form/twelfth grade.
Until now, many students weren't even aware that the school has a library and I asked all the 11th grade class teachers to stop by with their students for a library introduction to change that. It was a weird feeling, a bit like showing someone a painting or a poem for the first time - I invested a lot of time and passion into this and I really hope it will pay off.

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