Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Walking Dead - here be spoilers

I got around to watching the pilot for The Walking Dead yesterday and I loved every minute. As a rule, I don't like zombie movies much, with the exception of Night of the Living Dead and of course Shaun of the Dead, but this is different. I like horror movies to tell a good story and The Walking Dead does just that.
There's more than enough guts and gore and it’s very well done, but this is the first time I ever found zombies frightening - because it was very clear that they used to be people, loved ones. The scene where Morgan Jones tries to shoot his wife who turned into a zombie had me squirming and I admit close to tears.
Lennie James seems to pop up on a lot of stuff I watch (Human Target, Lie to Me, State Within) and I always enjoy it, he's a fabulous actor.
The whole episode that an air of suspense, I kept thinking watch your back, watch your back every time Rick went out into the open. The scene with the huge zombie crowd at the end was powerful, precisely because of that.
I loved the comics (although I'm not up to date on it) and it the series will keep what the pilot promised, it will be just as awesome.

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