Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doctor Who: Leela and Science

So I'm watching the Tom Baker years of Doctor Who. I very much enjoyed Sarah Jane as a companion and I was a bit sceptical of Leela at first, but she's won me over. I like it that she doesn't need to be saved all the time and that she's capable of defending herself. It's true that she is quite violent at times, but after all she grew up in a violent society and even travelling with the Doctor won't change that overnight.

I just watched "The Horror of Fang Rock" and Leela dismisses talk about an astrologer, saying that she used to believe in that kind of stuff, but the Doctor taught her about science and "it's better to believe in science" instead. On the one hand, I love this, astrology can never be dismissed enough. But on the other hand: science doesn't need believe - that's what it's about. If you need to believe in it, it's not science.

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