Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ireland Reading Challenge

I loved Ireland and I had been planning to re-read The Hounds of the Morrigan, so I decided to sign up for the Ireland Reading Challenge hosted by Carrie at Books and Movies. Click the badge to read the terms of the challenge and to join.

If I can get my hands on a decent edition (not the super-abridged one), "The Lair of the White Worm" by Bram Stoker will probably be my second book. I saw the movie ages ago and I still remember it vividly.

Links up for the Challenge book reviews is here!

1. The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer
2. The Hounds of the Morrigan by Pat O'Shea
3. Gulliver's Travels by Joanthan Swift
4. Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker

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