Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I came across the What I Killed Today blog a few years back and I just found it again. It's the blog of a vet assistant who records every animal she (I think) had to euthanize. It makes for sad reading, but I still love this blog because of the idea behind it. Killing animals is of course part of the job and in many cases it's a good thing, but I appreciate it when it's done with compassion.

I keep rodents and they just don't live long and are prone to so many illnesses including tumors. I'm thankful that I can ask my vet to put the animal to sleep before the tumor gets too big or before the animal is in too much pain. It's always a difficult decision, but I think over the years I have developed a good instinct that tells me when it's time. The last thing I need at that time is a vet who tells me that it would be cheaper just to smash the mouse with a hammer (this actually happened) or a vet who injects the mouse and then is out of the door before the animal has even stopped moving. I do realize that they need to keep a professional distance and I'm totally fine with that, but behaving like this is a bit too much distance. Especially since the reason for it is often that the patient in question is smaller and cheaper than a dog or a cat. If thinking that size or price of lifespan doesn't define the worth of an animal makes me weird, then so be it. I'll add it to the other things that make me weird.

I managed to depress myself now. If you need something to cheer you up as well, let's look at Orbit Buddy by Royaba for a while:

I feel better already.


  1. It doesn't make you weird. What a post. Thank you for the link - it's a hard blog to read. Orbit Buddy helps.

  2. With three mice that have fast-growing tumors and a more than geriatric hamster, the topic has been on my mind lately. Thankfully, I have an awesome vet who is not only an expert on rodents, but also very compassionate.

  3. Mice are cool. Sorry to hear they have tumors. Glad to hear that you have a decent vet to assist with things. Hope the tumors can be treated. Poor things.

  4. With mice, tumors tend to grow back in a matter of weeks, so I won't have them go through surgery. In some cases, I give medication for any pain they may have, but mostly I let the vet put them to sleep before the tumor grows too big.