Friday, February 4, 2011

Book of Choice: The Last Giants

I found this beautiful book in the children's section of the library, but it works just as well for adults. The English explorer Archibald Leopold Ruthmore sets out on a voyage to discover the lost Land of the Giants. He does eventually discover it and gets to know the very gentle giants whose bodies are covered with tattoos that change to tell stories of the past and the future.
Francois Place - The Last Giants

Ruthmore lives with the giants for a year and after his return to England, he write an account of his travels and the giants. The book is very successful, but at the same time it's the death sentence for the giants. People flock to their hidden valley and kill the giants who have been left by Ruthmore in a deep sleep that would have lasted centuries.
Francois Place - The Last Giants
The book is written in the style of an old fashioned travel diary and it's beautifully illustrated. It's a modern fable about good intentions and how they are sometimes not enough. I'm not sure from what age on it would be suitable for children, but I do know that I enjoyed reading it very much.

This is my seventh book for the Library Challenge

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