Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chance Meeting

I'm reading a Mao biography at the moment when I'm commuting to and from work. The train I take for part of the way comes from the airport. So I get in and sit down next to an older man who cranes his neck to look at the book I'm reading. I hold up the book so that he can read the title and just like that we're having a conversation about Mao, good biographies and China - he had just come back from there after teaching three months at a university.
Usually, I prefer to be left alone. But somehow, conversations that start with books are always interesting.


  1. There's truth in that too. Maybe because to read a book we have to attempt to make sense of it, and we then have an understanding that we can put back into words more easily. We definitely need more optional spontaneity on public transport!

  2. What an interesting experience, Jennifer.
    How is the book challenge going? I've read one book so far.