Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love the Bundesverfassungsgericht

The Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court) is called on to review legislations and court rulings to make sure that they are in accordance with the constitution, the German Grundgesetz. Anyone can make such a constitutional complaint, although only a minority are actually taken up by the court.

The court has overruled many things that were or would have been downright discriminating and it's responsible for many rulings that protected the privacy and the rights of the citizens of Germany. It was for example declared unconstitutional to pre-emptively monitor telephones and in 2001 civil partnerships were confirmed to be equal to traditional marriages.

A few days ago, the judges of the Bundesverfassungsgericht rules that transsexual individuals no longer need to have genital surgery to be recognised as the opposite sex by law. While many persons do want that operation, many others don't and so I think that the ruling is another step towards equality of treatment.

The Bundesverfassungsgericht rules.

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