Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nightmare of Eden

I just watched Nightmare of Eden and the Mandrel are the most adorable monsters I've seen so far on Doctor Who. They are fluffy, clumsy and have big, round eyes. Aaawww.. I want one - if there were any action figures or even better, plush toys of them, I'd buy one.


  1. Not convinced - they worry me! These older episodes have a lot going for them. The scope of Doctor Who is a key draw, but I often think the great attraction is the immensity of the show's history, and it's always having been there, a rich tapestry more sensed that followed.

  2. I started watching Doctor Who when the new series came out (I'm a huge Christopher Ecclestone fan) and I wish that I had known more of the backstory then. The fact that both the Daleks and the Time Lords have been destroyed (by the Doctor no less) must have come as quite a shock for people who were familiar with the classic series.

    As as for the monsters: I had a huge crush on Pinhead as a teenager. Go figure... I'm weird that way.

  3. Wow - that's a revelation!

    I was surprised by the way they moved the story on, but then nothing is ever final in Doctor Who. We thought he'd got the Daleks already once with the Hand of Omega in the '80s, and that really was a shock, like the end of history..!

    My disappointment is really that the loss wasn't played up as much as it could have been, in the first new series at least. The gravity is somehow lacking in what I've seen, although Eccleston's run had its moments of magic.

    Sylvester McCoy did grim darkness, and moments when all safety seemed to flee, whatever else we might think of the period. If you haven't watched The Curse of Fenric, I recommend it.

  4. I've only watched the new Doctor Who...love BBC America.

    New follower...


  5. I'm working my way through the old series now, I'm definitely planning to watch it all.

    I think that the fact that the Doctor is now the last of his race (weeeell, maybe...like you said, nothing is ever final) has been an implied theme in the new series. It's very low key, but when it comes up, it's powerful. David Tennant really ran with it in a few episodes and as young as Matt Smith is, he manages to bring across just how old and lonely the Doctor is.

  6. Demitria , welcome, nice to met you :)
    I really recommend watching the old series as well. It's so much fun!