Tuesday, January 4, 2011

William de Worde

The hamster is getting old. William is now a bit over two years old and he weighs almost nothing. 30 grams say the kitchen scales, but that's with both cheekpouches full of food, so he probably weighs less than 25 grams, he used to weigh about 40 (60 when he moved in). Both photos are a few months old.
Apart from losing so much weight that you can feel all the bones in his body, he's very restless and has even started to gnaw the wire on the cage doors. He's perfectly healthy, so I don't know what causes this change in behaviour, but I suspect he may be getting a bit senile. Whatever the cause, I taped up the lower portion of the wire doors to stop him from climbing all the way to the top, I'm afraid he may slip and break a leg
I'm grateful for every day he's around now, he had been my first hamster after a much too long hamster-free time. Live without hamsters is possible, but not really worth it.

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