Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Duma Key

Edgar Freemantle comes to Duma Key in Florida after an accident that has cost him his right arm, parts of his memory and his marriage. He begins to paint and discovers that he not only has talent, but that his paintings have a supernatural side. Art created on Duma Key tends to leads its own live and it may be impossible to control or fight what Edgar has woken.

I have read everything Stephen King has written and I like most of it, with the exception of only a handful of books (Hearts in Atlantis and Lisey´s Story come to mind). He usually has me from the first sentence and I always have the feeling of returning to people I've known for a long time or getting to know people I like from the start.

Duma Key is no different, the characters are immensely likeable and the story has kept me up at night … just one more page. And another one. Forget about having to get up in five hours, what happens next?
It also scared the hell out of me. I mean really, sleeping with the light on-scary, which doesn't happen very often to me. The creatures who populate Duma Key are even more creepy because they are right out of a children's painting. The lawn jockey actually made it into my dreams. When the characters explore the island, I was torn between wishing them back to safety and the desire to know what exactly is going on – especially because I know King has no problem with letting characters die (and I love him for this).

This is the 9th book for the Library Challenge.

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