Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Horns of Nimon and Leisure hive

I just watched Horns of Nimon. All in all, not one of my favourite Doctor Who stories, the story pretty much failed to engage me. But I found myself very much amused by the overacting of Graham Crowden in the role of Soldeed.

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Actually, he overplayed this scene as a joke, thinking it was just a rehearsal. The scene couldn't be repeated for budget reasons and had to stay in the final cut. I love it.

The Leisure Hive opens with the new title sequence and music. Oh my Goth, I thought, this is so 80s. The music is almost as bad as the score for Ladyhawke (but just almost, nothing can be as bad as this - awesome movie anyway). Most of music in the series is much better, though.
The Foamasi were pretty cool and the Argolin with their lifecycle countdown were a neat idea. So far, I liked this episode best of season 18 (I'm currently watching State of Decay).

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