Friday, February 4, 2011

Susan, Evey and Rorschach

Evey (the white one)
and Susan died today. Evey and Rorschach had developed enormous tumors and Susan had a rapidly growing one. I treated them for a while with painkillers, but today it was time. They all died peacefully from an overdose of an anaesthetic (usually, there's a second injection with a barbiturate, but it wasn't necessary).

Evey and Rorschach I adopted from a woman who couldn't keep them anymore because of her health. Susan came from the shelter, their owner abandoned them in a cardboard box. She was a very friendly and relaxed mouse who helped to teach Malkovich, a male who was alone for more than a year, how to behave like a mouse again.

I held them as they fell asleep and their hearts and breathing stopped and I managed not to cry until I was walking home through the park in the pouring rain.

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