Thursday, March 10, 2011

Web Comics

Finally! I have made it through 8 years of Girl Genius and Questionable Content. It took me months, but I did it.
If you like Steampunk, then you are probably already familiar with Girl Genius but if not: go and read it. It's awesome. It has airships, steam-robots, monsters, great characters, hilarious jokes and art you can get lost in.

I started reading Questionable Content somewhere around the 1500s, but after 50 strips or so I was already addicted and needed to read the whole thing from the beginning. I enjoyed seeing the art of the comic evolve and seeing new characters being introduced - I totally adore Marigold, the shy Otaku-girl. The comic made me laugh out loud many times and go WTF? as few times. I'm fairly fluent in Internet and other slang, but I learned some new things from QC, usually from Pintsize. Here's a hint: if you come across something you don't know in QC, don't use Google Photo search to look it up. Wikipedia is usually your friend and less likely to show you things that cannot be unseen.

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