Monday, April 25, 2011

Ambassadors of Death/Inferno (spoilers!)

The Ambassadors of Death is very creepy. The silent astronauts, living on radiation, freaked me out. It actually gets less scary when they take their helmets off. The story is slow and may have been better if told in only six or five episodes, but it's still worth watching for the atmosphere and the cool spaceship models - those scenes aged quite well.

William Dysart as Reegan is a villain without any conscience while General Carrington acts from a sense of duty, a nice contrast. The story centres around the strong xenophobic streak the human races undoubtedly has - it's a problem ven when interacting with other humans and I'm actually deeply pessimistic when I think about us meeting actual aliens.

One of the influences here is The Quatermass Experiment, which I can recommend, both the 1953 original and the 2005 remake. Both were filmed live, that alone makes them interesting to watch.

Inferno is a mirror universe story and I have a thing for those, I just love the "what if..." thought. I also like that the mirror universe really is doomed, along with all the people and that the Doctor cannot save any of them. The last moments of the world are terrifying.

I had a laugh out loud moment when mirror-Lethbridge Stewart appears for the first time. Probably the only evil twin in history who is clean shaven.

Also: the building with the most fire extinguishers ever.

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