Sunday, April 10, 2011

Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox

I love the Artemis Fowl series, the books are funny, clever, fast-paced and it's fun to watch the characters come up with solutions for the complicated problems (they often caused themselves). The Time Paradox is no different:  Artemis has to go up against his 10 year old self and a young Artemis Fowl is a serious opponent, even for himself.
Opal Koboi was too good a villain to let her go and I enjoyed meeting her again. The only thing I wanted more of was Butler, he's easily my favourite character and he doesn't have that much to do in this book. But he has some good scenes that made up for it.

I really wish people would stop compare Artemis Fowl to Harry Potter. The fact that the main character is a young boy is abut the only thing the books have in common. Yes, there's magic in both series, but it couldn't be more different.
Colfer took all the mythical races and turned them into something quite different - the dwarfs are definitely not for the faint of heart. I love the idea of a high-tech fairy people. This is a big part of what makes the Fowl series so enjoyable for me. I'm often bored by fantasy literature because so many authors are content with ripping off Tolkien. But some authors really give the fantasy world a twist and those are the books I enjoy. Terry Pratchett and Tad Williams for example have created very memorable versions of the elf and dwarf-world and so has Eoin Colfer.

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