Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Body in the Library

It's become a classic of crime literature: a body found in a library. Agatha Christie's take on it is a brilliant one and once again she manages to surprise me. Although I did remember one twist of the story before it came, but I was happily unaware of the identity of the murderer until the end.
It's a Jane Marple novel, but Miss Marple is only one of several detectives, private and official, who are trying to solve the murder. While they do their work, the reader is presented with a portrait of the British upper and lower classes, sometimes laugh out loud funny.

More serious is the predicament of Colonel Bantry, in whose library the body has been found. Since it's the body of a young woman, people of course start to gossip and the news spread like wildfire. His wife calls for Jane Marple to solve the case and to prevent any lasting harm to their reputation. But somehow I think that it is already too late - even with the murderer found and arrested, the story is much too juicy to stop telling it and to stop hinting at the Colonel's involvement. I can just picture the women at some tea party or other, telling each other that there was something fishy about the whole case and that they never trusted the Colonel ect.

21st book for the Library challenge

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