Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inside Hitlers Bunker

You may have seen Downfall/Der Untergang, the movie about the last days of Hitler and the Nazi regime. It's based on Joachim Fest's book Inside Hitler's Bunker, along with some other books. I've read the book before and I would definitely put it on any reading list about the Third Reich.

The book focuses on Hitler of course, but it also tells of the way the other people in the bunker spend their last few days, like Joseph Goebbels (who commited suiced with his wife after having his children killed with cyianide). People dance and drink, desperate to forget for a short while the situation they are in, and the best method to commit suicide is one of the most discussed topics. 

The audiobook manages to create a chilling atmosphere that drew me  completely into the story. It's a journey into despair, denial of reality and descisions made when a delusion followed for decades has come to an end.
The voice actors are excellent, keeping everything very matter of fact, but intense at the same time. There are some sound effects like artillery barrage that help recreate the mood inside the bunker, very sparingly used and more effective because of that. The last few sentences are spoken over the sound of a mass of people cheering and applauding Hitler- a very eerie effect that I won't forget in a hurry.

19th book for the library challenge.

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