Saturday, April 23, 2011


I was cleaning out my bookmarks and came across the Lackadaisy webcomic. I found that years ago but never got around to reading it, but it's so worth it.

The time is 1927, the place St. Louis and the people are cats. To quote Lackadaisy's FAQ: When dealing in sociopathic criminalism and gratuitous violence, how could it not be cats?. If you like noir/Prohibition era stories, then give Lackadaisy a try. It's very well researched, which I always love, and the artwork is amazing. I've read it twice now and I can't get enough of all the details.
The story ranges from light-hearted to very serious and emotional indeed. The characters are well-rounded and I quickly developed a special liking for Viktor and the slightly insane Freckle.

I just wish Lackadaisy would get updated more frequently, but then you can't rush art. And there's a forum where little gems like this get posted to help with any withdrawal symptoms.

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