Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cthulhu Gaslight

One of the players in my Cthulhu round is moving away and we decided to split up the round: we'll continue the old round when that player is visiting and the rest of us (two players and the GM) will play another chronicle with new characters.
Both of us immediately and in unison said "Victorian Age!" and we sort of steamrollered the GM. But since he didn't protest too much, Victorian Age it is.

I'm super excited about this because I love the Victorian Era in general, the literature, the fashion (corsets! (for both sexes!) waistcoats!) the art, the society that is on a turning point in so many respects. We're also playing in London, my favourite city, which makes this even better.

I'm going to play a retired Welsh soldier and in the last few days I have learned an amazing amount of stuff about the British Army, its involvement in India and the weapons used at that time. This is my favourite part of character creation, doing the research to be able to write a convincing background. I like to get all the details right, even if no one will ever know but me. I'll stop short of learning Welsh, although I'm tempted to look up a few handy phrases and cusswords.

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