Friday, May 6, 2011

The Curse of Peladon / The Mutants

The Curse of Peladon
The story has several twists and the Doctor is wrong for a change – he has some history with the Ice Warriors, but their race has changed since the Doctor has last met them. I enjoyed all the alien delegates, with not only strange costumes and make-up, but also their own personalities. Alpha Centauri is quite adorable, despite the occasional bout of hysteria.

King Peladon says at one point that he doesn't meet many young people and not many young women in particular and boy, he's not kidding. Whenever he talks to Jo, he says precisely the wrong thing. Despite that, she does like him and she is tempted to stay when he asks her (and says the right thing for once). But I would suspect that the appeal is more that of a puppy blundering about and being adorable than of the “oh my gosh, I want to spend my life with that man”-variety.

The Mutants
Paul Whitsun-Jones as the Marshal - I felt like I was watching Hermann Göring, right down to the over the top uniform and the marshal's baton-like communicator (did they use a bicycle pump???). There is a strong Nazi undertone to the whole Skybase, including the euphemisms for genocide - "population control" or a "side effect", as I'm just following orders-scientist Jaeger puts it.

The mutants are cool. They move a bit slowly and shambling to appear really threatening, but I quite like this version of insect-monster, the costumes are very detailed and show that someone took the time to study insects up close.

The final mutation of Ky was a bit meh, but on the whole the idea of a species that mutates to adapt to the changing seasons of their home planet is an interesting idea.

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